With Winter only around the corner have you had your stove serviced and chimney swept so your ready to go, have you checked your carbon monoxide alarm is working correctly? 
You can be sure when we carry out any work we are trained and qualified to meet HETAS requirements. We understand that you want work carried out to meet regulations and we set ourselves a high standard of workmanship. All stove installations we carry out comply to all HETAS requirements and you'll be issued with a Certificate of compliance, this saves you applying for a Building Notice with the Local Authorities. Contact us today!

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There are many ways you can heat your home and with high oil, gas and electricity prices it’s more important than ever that you synchronise heating your home, in an efficient way. We can help with new heating system installations or help to modify current systems so you can get the most out of heating your home. From installing new oil tanks and boilers, to installing multi-fuel boiler stoves and linking them with solar panels we can create a unique system to suit your property and budget. Please contact us or book a free survey if you would like us to quote for synchronising your home heating.
1st Year
We've just celebrated our first year anniversary of being in business!

Thank you so much to all our customers past and present, we hope your home is cosy and warm. If you would like any heating or plumbing work carried out please do contact us.

What size stove do I need? The kW output of a stove that would suit your property depends on a few factors, there's a simple calculation required for the room in which the stove will be fitted:

(Length x Width x Height) / 15 = Output Required

All measurements should be in metres. Please note that if you think you'd suffer from heat loss through windows, doors, stairways - an open plan area for example, then a higher kW output stove would be recommended.
We have used Lee and Heat Sync on several occasions now, and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Lee is a true professional and it's obvious from the moment he walks through your door that he has a superb knowledge of heating and plumbing . . and he's honest !

We found him to be reliable and trustworthy, and he is meticulous over details such as appearance and finish . . and he's tidy too.

We've also found him very helpful in guiding us towards the best solutions to our heating and plumbing needs.
His prices are competitive and I honestly feel he wants the best for his customers.

We'll be using him again, for sure, and have already given his details to friends and colleagues.

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Sean & Claire Wright.
Wood is a cheap option to buy but has a very low calorific value which means it burns away quickly. This means it's incapable of maintaining sufficient high water temperatures to sustain a comfortable heating environment. It also has a high tar and residue content which can easily transfer to your chimney causing potential flue way blockages, regular sweeps of the chimney are required, more than the minimum of once a year.

It is very important to burn well seasoned or kiln dried wood and store it correctly. There are two types of wood, hardwood which has a higher calorific value or softwood which is lower, therefore hardwood gives you slightly more heat over a longer period of time, compared to the softwood.

Coal is slightly more expensive to buy than wood but it does have a higher calorific value, giving you a longer period of burning time along with an increase in heat.
The downsides are that coal has a higher ash content meaning the appliance will need cleaning more regularly  than when burning wood.

Smokeless fuels that are manufactured or natural have the highest calorific value out of all the solid fuels. It gives you the longest burn period and highest heat output making this type of fuel the most suitable for solid fuel heating systems.
A natural smokeless fuel would be Anthracite and a manufactured smokeless fuel would be Taybrite, for example.
Chimney Cowl
Blocked Flue Terminal
Flue Lining
Flue Liner
The photos above show the importance of burning the correct fuel and having your chimney swept on a regular basis. Using un-seasoned wood and being left with out a sweep for two years, it has created a complete blockage of the terminal and the flue liner has lost some of its internal diameter.

Please always use a HETAS registered Installer and have your chimney swept by a qualified Chimney Sweep.

Smoke and CO2 alarms save lives. You should always have a CO2 alarm fitted in the same room as your appliance - this was made a legal requirement in 2010. When was the last time you pressed the button to see if it's working? Why not join in with Test it Tuesday and check your alarms. We can supply and install CO2 alarms for you, just give us a call.